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I do not own a E92 M3 and have never driven one but I think this is an interesting debate and I there is more to it than just the items mentioned.

Porsche /Audi have there own versions of damper control systems and therefore BMW had a gap compared to the competition. Moving from the E46 to the E92 they have taken a strategy of trying to put a hefty price increase into this product i.e list 45,000 to 57,000 for a well specced car a +25% price increase which is a step change this time around.

To try to make this selling price increase stick they have upped the engine to 8 cylinder, more power and added options like the carbon roof, adjustable dampers, twin clutch gear boxes, etc. The market demanded this option to compete with the competion and produce a car that can edge towards everyday comfort or track use at a flick of a button.

This technology I am sure has been throughly developed and although I am sure it was expensive for BMW R&D to bring to market. They will role it out to the mainstreem models over the next few years and at 1,000 ago it's pay back will be a few years and then it will be a high margin optional item for them going forward.

Is it better or worse than steel springs, I guess you can have exactly the same debate manual vs twin clutch. IMO it's down to personal taste and how you may use the car. I have personal experience of my 987 Boxster steel sprung vs my dads 997 C2S PASM. I personally prefered the boxster as it had a more natural feel to me and was somewhere in the middle of the 997 settings which suited me perfectly for road use.

Will the M3 with the fancy springs be a desirable option. Short term probably but there may be a tipping point on say a 4-5 yr old car when the punter may worry about an expensive replacement if anything goes wrong compared to the conventional steel springs.

I am sure either way it's a fantastic car and I would be happy to own either version.
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