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Originally Posted by jaeS4 View Post
Under $100k is a bit too much, there are too many cars that will walk the M3 just under $100k and the M3 is just under $70k fully equipped. The better price would be under $70k. And the only one i can think of is the GTR, stock, if you can get it at that price. The Evo X and a Vette with $5k mods would probably walk it too.

EDIT: I totally forgot about the C63, definitely would walk the M3 on a straightline.
As a C63 owner, I am more then able to admit the E92/90 M3 is a superior handling car in comparison. However Iím not sure why some M3 owners still canít concede that in a straight line/drag race exhibition the M3 will lose all the time with all variables being equal (Good Launches, No Miss shifts, No Bald tires). The only difference will be a DCT equipped M3 will narrow the gap between a C63, as the 6MT will offer even less competition. Regardless even if you were to take the situation to the bolt on war of mods (forget the stroker kits, force induction options due to the high cost). Kleemann offers a K2 package for the 6.2 Liter M156 engine that produces up to 560 HP and 519lb-ft of torque with the addition of a set of high flow exhaust manifolds and downpipes with steel sport catalysts and a ECU reprogramming. This package can be obtained for $4000 from a Kleemann dealer. With that being said Iím not sure what bolt on mods for an M3 can be obtained for $4000 that could match that level of performance. In the end itís the same story M3 offers superior handling, C63 offers superior straight line acceleration.