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Originally Posted by dar2008 View Post
Not to highjack the thread... but do I take the above to mean you have the DCT themetz? I agree with you that it's excellent in a lot of ways, but wonder whether you too suffer from the "low speed lag issue"? My local dealer told me it's "expected behaviour", not happy
hmmmm.. it is a little bit irritating I can't deny, and has forced a change of driving style compared to ZF auto-box on my 335i. Basically the problem occurs for me when anything above, say, 4th is selected and you coast/brake to lower speeds and then accelerate off, it can, on occasion, confuse the f*ck out of the software and mean it doesn't do anything for a little while it moves all the cogs around and works out what the hell it should be doing (ie selecting 2nd gear).

The problem/confusion stems from the fact that the M-DCT is only a semi-auto and not a full-auto like ZF boxes are fitted to standard models. If you're expecting a full-auto you'll have to stick with a 335i or otherwise be potentially frustrated by the semi-auto on the M3.

I've found that if you change the drivelogic program for normal driving up to 4 or 5 this alleviated most of the occurrences for me. Plus, if I know I'm going to find myself in a coasting to accelaration situation eg entering a roundabout then I tend to use the paddles to pre-empt the downshift to 2nd manually.

I've seen various forum threads around that a software update is imminent to 'cure' this issue - but my dealer pleaded ignorance when I mentioned it.