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First of all RED - i will call you whatever i like if you talk to me like a mug - end of, regardless of whatever advice you and i have shared via PM's - i dont suffer fools and if i have an issue i will take someone up on it. Secondly, like certain other nob heads on here, you like to take little pieces of someones reply and twist it into implying something else - as an example your stupid comment about my CSL being a shite car because it didnt have EDC and your latter comment inferring i was saying you might be jealous because you dont own a CSL - again a pathetic and pointless retort and quite obviously taken out of context. To anyone with a modicum of intelligence you would have seen that i was implying that you have never owned a CSL so how would you be able to compare the driving experience to anything else - i wasnt implying you might be jealous. Lets not forget that, like you, i also have an E92 M3 sat on my drive!!!
Ive also NEVER said that an M3 without EDC is not a brilliant car - so AGAIN why are you making such silly comments??? All i have ever said throughout this thread is that i personally believe EDC is an essential option. Funny how the ONLY people taking umbridge with this statement are those that didnt spec their cars with it - funny that eh!!? Anyway, enjoy your new car Red - just watch out for those potholes and speed humps!!!
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