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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
my issue was with themetz and his comment about him trying a car with EDC for a day and deciding in his infinite wisdom that it wasnt worth it
Just to clarify, in case of further misunderstanding, I drove a car with EDC and a car without EDC for 2 days each, doing my regular daily driving in an effort to replicate how I felt I would use the car, and concluded that I would prefer to spend MY 1,200 elsewhere (as it happens, on stereo upgrades)

TBH it's not me that seems to be dishing out infinite wisdom in this thread.

I wasn't at all suggesting I know better than anyone else - far from it. Hitman had asked for other peoples opinions to draw his own conclusions - I was just contributing my opinion for him to digest as he chose (isn't that the point of a forum??).

Each to their own.

Anyway, have you had your test drive Hitman??? How did you get on?? Have you specced the car of your dreams?? And dare I ask, EDC or not!!!!!!!!


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