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Originally Posted by sgar0777 View Post
Akrapovic is arguably one of the premier exhaust manufacturers of motorcycle exhausts. They are so good at what they do that in MotoGP and WSBK they sometimes manufacture exhausts for teams that rebadge or are sponsored by other exhaust manufacturers.

This is not to start an argument or oversell the brand, just to let the BMW community know that this company is very good at managing exhaust flow. The build quality is exceptional. I am fairly excited that they may offer the car arena, and will look forward to what comes out.

Based on their pricing in the motorcycle arena, I would guess that this will be an upper end product in terms of pricing.
I would hope that their automotive products meet or exceed their quality standards that is expected of their motorcycle products. With motorcycles, each brand has their "favored tuner" when it comes to parts. As an amateur motorcycle racing instructor I chose Akrapovic for the systems on my 636 Ninjas as they were renowned for their Kawasaki systems. I was not disappointed with the products in any way. Quite the opposite, I was blown away with the way the exhaust fit into the bike more easily than the oem system. Once tuned for the system, the bike would do things not expected from a 600 class machine such as pulling wheel in third on the throttle and giving much bigger bikes a run for their money down the straight. The system on my bike helped pair the weight down to 345lbs for a dry bike and increase the HP to 120 at the rear wheel. As far as bikes are concerned I'm sold.

Let's see what happens.