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Originally Posted by schadenfreude View Post
Since the E90 got an LCI for '09, there won't likely be much different for '10.
I agree...But I bet there will be something to get excited about

Originally Posted by 03SG///M3 View Post
I wonder if this is the problem (that 2010 orders begin in June) my dealership is having ordering an 09. They can't seem to get an allocation and they have called BMW NA several times and searched nation wide. I placed the order 3 weeks ago and still don't have a production number.
Oh man. I would hate to be in your position. I hope everything clears up for you, or you can tell the dealership to move your order to the 2010 MY when the official ordering starts....which shouldn't be too much longer...hopefully.

Originally Posted by Jesal@Project 808 View Post
I don't think 2010 production starts till Sept/Oct so 09 production still has ways to go.

Also don't forget you might not get any special finance rates when the 2010s first launch. Might take a month or two before that kicks in.

Doubt the E90 M3 will change. E92 M3 is suppose to get a facelift...
Hi Jesal! Yeah, I've been told that the dealers may start receiving the cars somewhere late in October, but the ordering may most likely start much sooner.

Also, I'm thinking it may be a good idea to even wait a month or two until I read reviews on the new model and hear all the positives and negatives compared to the '09 model.

Originally Posted by Boosted335 View Post

will there be a facelift to the m?
I think BMW will at least do some minor updates on the M3 for sure.

Originally Posted by duk View Post
im waiting until i can order the 2010s
YES! I'm not alone!

Originally Posted by slammedm3 View Post
I dont think we will see much changes in the M3 Line up, perhaps on the E92/E93. Small changes, like LED tails. But overall will be very similiar. If you have the funds, just buy an 09 and get the car sooner then later. coz everyday you are missing out
I strongly feel the wait will be worth it. Major changes will most likely not happen, but we're so far into the '09 model already. Why order the car now, when it'll take about 2 months to get it, and by that time ordering for the 2010 MY will begin. I'd prefer to wait just a little bit longer.

Originally Posted by Adonislike View Post
+1. Should be few changes
Few changes and 1 whole year newer!

Originally Posted by albert1028 View Post
I am there right with you! I wanted to get a 2009 E90 M3 but decided to wait a few months and just get a 2010 E90 M3, a tiny bit easier resell later on down the road.

I'm 101% with you man!

I was told order in July, get car in August/September, but that's unofficial. Anyone hear any official when 2010 E90 can be ordered?

I was told the "waiting list" would probably take place sometime in June....And the dealers would start receiving the cars late in October. Oh well, at least we know it'll be somewhere along that time frame. It's been extremely hard for me to wait, but during this wait time, I have learned so much by reading through these forums....And it's definitely helped me prevent any mistakes that I may make if I rush myself. Like they say, "Patience is a Virtue".