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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
Red - dont be a cock mate - you havent specced your car with EDC - good on you and well done, who gives a fuck?? I have got EDC and a FULLY loaded car to boot, woopy fucking do and again, who gives a fuck?? This has become a pointless subject and i think pretty much everyone reading this tired of it long ago. Im not a fucking mug so dont treat me like one by talking crap about the CSL and EDC. I owned a CSL - have you?? And before you jump on yet another band wagon - my issue was with themetz and his comment about him trying a car with EDC for a day and deciding in his infinite wisdom that it wasnt worth it - and my "light hearted" retort was aimed at the fact that he couldnt possibly know what hes talking about if hes given it a day to decipher what BMW technicians have probably taken years to develop!!
It strikes me you are a far more bothered about the fact you havent got EDC than i am!!! Maybe he protesteth too much!!?? You ordered yours without EDC - live with it!!! I on the other hand dont need to concern myself with the issue because i DO have EDC and im very pleased about it, thanks all the same!!
Steve, please dont call me a cock 'mate' - You seem to take many threads on here VERY personally indeed. It is a forum where we should be chatting and expressing views as well as giving advice etc but not on a derogatory level.

I didn't want EDC on my car, never did and prob never will. I certainly don't at the moment and was more happy to have the logic 7 sound with the money instead. Just beacuse someone who has not got it and has a view that they don't want the option, does not make them wrong, neither does it make them a bad driver etc,.

Yes, I know you were having a go at the other forum member, but he was only expressing his view. I don't care that you have owned a CSL. Hardly gonna make me 'jealous' with 56k of M3 about to land on my drive is it 'mate'. My point was is that EDC is a VERY new option. Previous M3's have not had it and they were brilliant cars. There is no reason why a current M3 without it also can't be a brilliant car?

I thought better of you tbh, especially after the few PM's etc and advice about the CF bits that I pointed you in the right direction of.

Live and learn eh