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I am there right with you! I wanted to get a 2009 E90 M3 but decided to wait a few months and just get a 2010 E90 M3, a tiny bit easier resell later on down the road.

I was told order in July, get car in August/September, but that's unofficial. Anyone hear any official when 2010 E90 can be ordered?


Originally Posted by Nawaaz View Post
Hello everyone! I had a chance to order the 2009 E90 M3, but I thought it over and now I'm very anxiously waiting to order the 2010 version. Is anyone elso on the same "boat" as me? If so, what changes/improvements do you think we'll see in the upcoming 2010 model? I hope it's going to be worth the wait for me. I've heard that ordering may start sometime in June, am I correct? I've pretty much made up my mind about all my options, unless some new and exciting feature comes out on the new model...But from what I've heard, there may most likely be no major changes. Anyways, is there anyone out there who is in the same position as me?