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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
The CR Spotless kit is nice but it is big money. I've considered it but to explain it to the significant other, well gonna have to hard sell it.

I have softened water at home so I rinse with City water but never let it dry.

I'll get some pic of the car and Neez and post them. The rears are insane
I know what you mean...just checked out the costs on the CR spotless, but my OCD is a little over the top...going to run a water line to the detached garage and put the CR spotless system in. For anyone familiar with the Terwillegar wand wash (behind Vines for Wines), it has changed ownership a few times and the present owners I think are more concerned with the profit margin than with their water temperature or the concentration of the solutions they use. I plan to take the system with me when I move so I am thinking it will be more of an investment. When you consider it, I usually wash my car once a week in the summer and twice in the winter, times that by two for my wife's car. At $7 a pop, that is anywhere from $14-28 a week. So about 56-112 a month. Over the lifespan of the vehicle (based on my track record, which my wife said needs to that system will pay for itself.

Isn't it amazing how well we can talk ourselves into doing things for our M's?