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Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
I can only comment on what i was both told and read myself - i did a huge amount of research before i bought my M3 and rang after so many before choosing mine. I have an equally good and long standing relationship with the DP and sales team at my local stealer and with nothing to gain they all said they wouldnt buy an M3 personally with their own money that didnt have EDC among other options - and the 2 main reasons were that they were noticing that almost every customer that rang about approved used M3's were walking away if the car didnt have EDC, regardless of price.
and miraculously by telling you that they got you to spend another 2k+ with them... maybe they've been on the course on how to make the customer think they're your mate and doing you a favour letting you in on a "dealer-only secret"... ker-ching.

Originally Posted by bmwbailey View Post
You'll always find (because ive done this myself with cars ive owned in the past!!) that owners that dont have a certain option on their own car will swear blind to prospective buyers and themselves its not worth the money or a must have option etc.
I don't have EDC, had a car for a couple of days with it on and couldn't really see the point - but happy to recommend if you think it's worth it. Don't buy a car for the next bloke that's going to own it - buy it for yourself and enjoy it all the way - christ, if you're going to spend this much money on a car you really are walking up the wrong alley if you're going to be too concerned about residuals and running costs. If you want EDC and think it'll change your life then do it. If you want DCT tick the box. And if you get DAB, maybe it might be worth 5 seconds to consult the manual to see how to use it - otherwise what's the point???

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