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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Louie, why don't you go do it for yourself so that you can add more to the conversation than guesses? Your car is broken in enough to redline it. I kind of wonder about someone not redlining the engine at 1201 miles, right after the fluids change.

Mine does not have this problem at all.

No one here has added anything other than a guess--we have yet to get a definitive diagnosis. One doesn't need to have experienced the problem to have an educated guess as to its origin. My guess may be wrong, but I think it represents a possible explanation that had not been previously enunciated as such.

By the way, what did you add to this thread? You haven't experienced the problem, and you made no attempt to give any insight. You simply felt the need to take a shot at me--why, I have no idea. Then, you followed up with an attempt to question the way I break in my car. Read your break in instructions, and maybe you'll figure out why I didn't redline at 1,201.

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