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Originally Posted by sirploppy View Post
I got mine with about 220 miles of test drives on the clock. Everything is fine at 2200 so far. I think you should jump on that deal.

When I was younger, my friend's parents bought a demo car with 3000 miles on it (no BMW, it was an 87' Pontiac Bonneville.) I'm not sure if it was because it was a demo, but that car was abnomally fast. We raced another guy with the exact same engine/car and pulled like mad on him. That car ran great well into 200k miles. There is a school of thought that reaming it from mile 1 is the way to go for any engine. I'm not saying your engine was trashed the past 1200 miles, but if it touched redline a couple times, I think you're ok.

Post pics if you get it!

Thanks for the kind words. It's definitely a big purchase for a young guy (I'm 22 y.o.) so, I'd rather it be as close to new and unharmed as possible.

What's the consensus on the 18" wheels? I'd rather have the 19", but man, I searched up and down on Auto Trader and and berrily found any in my price range with the wheels and the colors that I want.