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I got mine with about 220 miles of test drives on the clock. Everything is fine at 2200 so far. I think you should jump on that deal.

When I was younger, my friend's parents bought a demo car with 3000 miles on it (no BMW, it was an 87' Pontiac Bonneville.) I'm not sure if it was because it was a demo, but that car was abnomally fast. We raced another guy with the exact same engine/car and pulled like mad on him. That car ran great well into 200k miles. There is a school of thought that reaming it from mile 1 is the way to go for any engine. I'm not saying your engine was trashed the past 1200 miles, but if it touched redline a couple times, I think you're ok.

Post pics if you get it!

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Yes sir, $50,500 after TT&L. I am just kind of hesitant with it being a demo for a while and all. He said that no customer ever drove it alone, but, ya never know.