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I can't belive this car is a 4 door family sedan.
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Originally Posted by TRZ06 View Post
How often was your car doing it? Mine is real sporatic. Wonder if I should mention it at my next service.
My car would do it 8 out of 10 times that you shifted fast into 2nd gear. Im not talking about 'hyper fast' as someone put it but fast enough to keep forward momentum between gears.

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I'm thinking about mentioning this as well. I'm just scared someone may mess up on the install . You worried about this John? The feeling that even though this problem may be cured, the car may never feel the same again?
Im not worried about someone messing up the install... If a bmw factory dealership does it- just request to most experienced tech there and be clear that you do not want a fresh technician right out of STEP or other school to dig in on your car.

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The more you mention it, even if it's not happening as much, the more they'll want to shut you up and just fix it for you. If it is true about what one poster said that BMW changed a few things in the 09's for driveability, I wonder if the 09' tranny would mount up to the 08's?
The 08' and 09' Transmission share the same part numbers but that does not mean that all 08 transmissions share the same internals as the 09 does. Im sure they are the same but no one can really know for sure.

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I get the same grind, and it pisses me off because I'm fully capable of driving the car. I don't think there is anything we can do because it's so hard to prove/reproduce for the dealer. If it was something easily seen and isolated by BMW, then there's a small chance something could happen.
And I don't know why BMW would replace the clutch pedal spring; that shouldn't have anything to do with it.
The clutch spring keeps me thinking- EVERYBODY- If you have a 6speed trans, could you please look and verify what clutch pedal spring you have? I want to know if all '09 cars came with this newer updated version!!!!!

The purpose of the clutch pedal spring that they replace is NOT to pull the pedal back to the 'disengaged' position! It is to help push and keep the pedal at the floor between shifts!

I keep thinking- maybe the clutch spring could be the culprit of the 'missed shift' and they replaced the trans, clutch, flywheel because they figured they were damaged and need to start fresh again. Who knows.......... I will be driving a lot from Atlanta to Mississippi and back this weekend so it will give me time to put some miles on the car and get a good start on the break in proceedure....

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I'm in Atlanta and have a 2008 E93 M3 6MT. I sent PM to John but no reply.

I'd be more than happy for him to see if I have the same problem.

Next week I need to go in for my break in service.
Im sorry for not Pm'ing you back. I completely overlooked it- an honest mistake i promise. I can drive your car for you and see how yours does compared to mine-

On another note, i will not be working for BMW anymore- Ive got a new gig that I am very excited about!

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john, if u can tell us EXACTLY how you were written up and the answers, or scan a copy of the service record for this problem, that might help.
Here is an amazing iPhone picture of my invoice-
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