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Yup, that's the one I ran. It was just such a disapointment in comparison to the big track. Imagine driving 10 hours or so to find out you're not doing the big track! To make matters worse it was a PCA event and they had cup cars and everything. Some incredible Porsches over on the big track that day.

Also part of the problem with the DDT was that the knucklehead running the event decided that the two beginner groups would run with the "infield" portions and the more advanced group would run without them. My friend and I trailered only one car and we were running all sessions. That was confusing enough to the point where one would need to ride to "navigate" If that wasn't bad enough, in the afternoon they opened up the outer loop to the beginners who were confused as to which part of the track they should be using. It got downright dangerous between trying to determine which group we were out in and whether or not to take the inner loops. Add the confusion of everyone else there and there were quite a few close calls. Very unsafe. The same guy organized a track day at the big track and asked if we'd come instruct last minute and I declined just based on safety alone.

That said, it definitely seems like a fun track if you live within a 2 hour drive or so but for that long of a drive, I'd want to do the big track!