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Shannonville is built on bedrock that does not drain well at all.I have organized Motorcycle days there for the last 6 years and if you think the puddles were a problem in a car wait till you try it on a bikeDirecting the track staff with the pumps was usually part of the morning routine.
It was a fun track though! Just the drive. Even worse was Mosport. I did that drive once only to find out once we got there that the club we had agreed to run with was on the driver technical training track (like a freaking autox) and not the big track. Imagine the dissapointment after driving like 10 hours to get there

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PS - bring and drink LOTS of water. Force feed it, you wont realize it but you can get dehydrated quickly.
VERY important. Even instructing I usually get out of the car and go right for the water. Even if it's not hot, I force the water. I always find that it works best if I'm needing to go use the restroom a LOT. That means I'm drinking enough