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My SA informed me that BMW is moving towards 37K intervals (60K in Canada)! They are using the 15K (25K CDN) intervals to ease people into the higher mileage intervals, they don't want to "scare" people. It seems as if that plan has already failed! I change the oil in my G35 every 12K with synthetic oil and have 140K on the odo with no problems. It'll be interesting to see if what he said is factual or purely speculation. I will say that with all of the oil consumption problems I don't see how this could be true.

Personally I have no problem with the current interval time frame. I strongly believe that the turbos would fail prematurely if the oil wasn't in good condition. We'd be seeing alot of 335's blowing smoke out the tail pipe, even with low KM's, and even more with sludge problems but I guess only time will tell. I also agree with the statement above about the CPO warranty and BMW's reputation, so until I see further evidence that damage has been done due to long intervals I'm going to keep on .

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