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There is only one page in that thread. You can't view the PDF unless you're a member. Why don't you repost it here?

The oil condition sensor measures the conductivity of the oil. That may tell you how much water or metal shavings are in the oil, but not much else. Go ahead and change your oil on your own and then tell me if the computer lengthens the time until it says you're due for your next change (hint: it doesn't!). Based on this (admitedly limited) evidence, it's reasonable to infer the sensor is more of an "oh crap- the oil is all messed up and contaminated even though we predict it should have more life left based on our algorithms" device than something that actually measures oil condition to any degree that'd tell you when it needs to be changed.

Furthermore, The N54 is under a lot more stress than NA engines, and the tight tolerences in turbos are very demanding on oil quality. Oil that may still be "good enough" for an NA engine is not necessarily good enough for the N54, yet the change intervals appear to be the same.

The recomended intervals may get your engine (although maybe not your turbos) to 100k, but that's not considered very many miles these days. A-N-Y car available in the US should have no problem reaching those miles on the recommended maintaince schedule.

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