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I remember hearing something about a "cooling system" like that. Very entertaining but I guess if it's functional, who cares?

I was at Shannonville a few years ago. It was the day after a hurricane had tracked up the entire east coast and dumped a few inches of rain. We were delayed in getting the day started because they were trying to drain some puddles. They got most of the track clear but there was one place where there was a running stream going across the track all day. All of the Canadians were braking before the water and going slow through it. My friend and I were the only ones "crazy" enough to go full blast through the water and get on the brakes afterward. Only once did it bite me in the *ss where I got on the brakes a bit too soon in the water.

Which brings me to it being odd that the water didn't just lubricate the rotor/pad? I guess the water instantly vaporized and caused cooling that way?