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Originally Posted by iBeJayKaying View Post
I don't know. I think we have a good number of people just talking here who have an issue with this, and a fair number of people who are just reading and not responding.

BMW always says "prove it prove it" but it's just not that simple with this problem, is it?

Okay, for starters, lets call BMWNA. I don't know what good this will do, but, rather than just be lazy, and go "others will call" (because they won't because they're lazy) and rather than just going "oh I'll call later," It's not that hard, I promise, I've done it twice already. If they get a bunch of calls coming in, maybe something might happen.

I called BMWNA at 1(800) 831-1117, Extension 7312 for a guy called Dan. If we get so many complaints about the same issue that they actually notice (or call the same guy so often that he will at least remember, and tell his boss that something's up), it just might put up a red flag somewhere. I don't really have any other ideas as to how to go about this: if someone else has any bright ideas, I'm all ears.
I will call him today
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