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Loosing weight is definitely the way to go! At last!!!

Now, am I happy that the S65 4lt V8 will be ditched for a 6cyl FI engine? As a current E92 owner yes, very! As a potential future M3 owner I dont know. I don't like turbos and whatever con goes with them (lag & sound mostly), but I guess the M division has been very good in perfecting something which is already perfect! Therefore I wouldn't be surprised if the new 6 cylinder FI engine would make the most out of FI advantages and in the process eliminate the lag. Let's see. Even then, I guess one point I will most likely miss will be the silky, high-pitch sound of the current NA V8...

I just love the current 4lt V8 in all respects! I think it will become an all time classic - I don't know,, but I might as well keep my E92 for life! Now it is the turbo era, tomorrow hybrid/electric motors, well I guess NA seems to be leaving us for good!