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I can only comment on what i was both told and read myself - i did a huge amount of research before i bought my M3 and rang after so many before choosing mine. I have an equally good and long standing relationship with the DP and sales team at my local stealer and with nothing to gain they all said they wouldnt buy an M3 personally with their own money that didnt have EDC among other options - and the 2 main reasons were that they were noticing that almost every customer that rang about approved used M3's were walking away if the car didnt have EDC, regardless of price. By the same token customers that rang about cars and said they were only interested in say Black, White, Grey etc and have to have 19's, CF trim etc etc were managing to be sold into other colours with 18's and different trim etc because they had EDC at the top end of their list of must haves. I can vouch for that as i almost gave up searching for an AW car and found a Melbourne Red with EDC and options for a similar price - thankfully it was sold!! The second factor re EDC is that, forget track days when admittedly it comes into its own, our UK roads are so shite that it also is imperative for that comfort ride it provides - its so nice to have that switchable option from nutter hard mode to relaxed and luxurious. I dont buy my cars on finance etc, i always buy them outright cash and so i always make sure they are as fully specced as possible to help when i sell them on - as there is nothing worse than knowing you have a great car for sale but struggle to sell or have to lower the price because you keep getting numptys saying "does it have the ejector seat option?" when the ad clearly makes no mention of it - a bit extreme but you get my point. At the end of the day you can buy an M3 with 18's and easily and cheaply put 19's on and you can retrofit PDC or upgrade stereos potentially. But you cant do anything about EDC etc. That said, i would probably have bought the DCT if i could have found an AW in my price range at the time - but again, its a drivers choice and i dont consider it to be an essential as some buyers will only want manual and some will only want DCT. I think most that do any research will want EDC. You'll always find (because ive done this myself with cars ive owned in the past!!) that owners that dont have a certain option on their own car will swear blind to prospective buyers and themselves its not worth the money or a must have option etc. But its only my humble opinion and i cant even use my DAB radio properly!!! Its an awsome bit of kit however its specced - so just enjoy!!!
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