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Originally Posted by BRDHNTR View Post
Oh man, I wish this thread started last week. I am going up to the Glen this weekend with the GVC of BMW CCA. I have never been on a track before, so I am nervous as it is. I think that I will watch the youtube video a couple times to get a feel for the layout of the track. The maps just don't help as you can't see the elevation changes and camber changes. I am running the OEM tire setup, and I just put new brake fluid in but I left the pads on as they seemed to have a lot of material left on them.

That said, I am not too worried as my lack of experience and lack of slicks should keep my speeds/mechanical stress down as well. Oh, and I was planning on leaving DSC ON. Do you think I should use MDM? I have no plans to turn the system OFF.

So nervous.
Don't worry, you'll be fine. The stock setup will work fine as well. Your instructor won't let you go too fast on your first day. Let him drive the car for a couple of laps to show you the line. You can use MDM, but don't turn it off (your instructor most likely wouldn't let you anyway). Again, this stuff doesn't matter all that much on your first event. You won't be pushing the car hard enough for it to make a difference. You'll have a ton of fun!