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Originally Posted by MTROIS View Post
I will be running in the novice group and based on the feedback of my "mentor", I will not install my Pagid Yellow pads this time,
That doesn't make any sense to me. How are the Pagids going to be an issue for you? Is he saying they will provide too much grip and you won't be able to modulate the brakes properly given this is your first track day? If that is the rationale, I don't buy it at all. Or is he concerned you'll trigger ABS or something every time you get on the brakes? That is not a concern either. Does he know about the dozens of E92 M3 drivers who drove home with a vibrating pedal because of stock pad deposits? You won't be going all out on your first day, but I seriously don't see how you can't benefit from the pads regardless. Stock pads are not designed for the track. It's that simple. It even says that in the manual.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you there...