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Originally Posted by 4u3 View Post
I am also going to New Jersey Motor Sport Park June 20-21 another Trackdaze operation.
On the Thunderbolt course? Because I will be there with NASA/PDA on the Lightning Course that weekend

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I'm at intermediate level and being signed off for solo drives was a mixed blessing. Some laps I learned a lot, some I didn't. I think next time I'll ask for an instructor at least initially.
Any good club will allow you to ask for an instructor to ride with you and give you some pointers. I was at a brand new track last year that someone in the next group down from instructor asked me to ride with him. I had never been on the track myself so all I was able to do was help him find the line. We both found it together.

Even instructors will frequently go out with each other and/or point out places that they think a fellow instructor can try something different on the track to go faster. You're ALWAYS learning something new