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Originally Posted by Neil McRae View Post
We don't have packages in the UK.

In my view the must have options are as follows:

19 Inch Wheels
Some sort of upgraded Hifi

TBH the car is well speced in the UK as it comes with Sat Nav as standard.
I'd also urge you to do a good test drive of a car with MDCT and ignore the wibbling about this on other parts of the forum - its superb.
I'd pretty much go with this list - DSP HIFI well worth it over standard stereo. I haven't got EDC and quite happy without it (what you ain't got you don't miss...) If ur planning on track days probably should consider it - but if not, I shouldn't bother.

IMO, USB interface only necessary if your going to hook up your IPOD. I've got it but NEVER used it. With the hard disk included with the Professional Mulitmedia (standard) I just download albums to the car directly, or I think you can import via glove box USB interface (incldued with Pro Multimedia)

I've also got DAB (which I use ALL the time) and elec folding mirrors so I can get in my garage!