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Originally Posted by Panda///Monic View Post
I am purchasing a set in 18x10 and run 275/35/28 r comps
But with my aggressive coilover and track alignment with camber at -2.2-2.5 ish setting will the wheels still clear the strut?
looks like everyone in this thread don't have any suspension mods and run the wheel and tire set stock
Shouldn't this be a non issue since our M3s utilize a McPherson type strut up front? I mean, doesn't the strut assembly move with the hub/wheel assembly? So if you only have a 1/4" clearance at -1 degree camber, then shouldn't you still have 1/4" clearance at -2 degree camber? I think the poster is thinking about a double A-arm front suspension where the arms move in and out, but not the shock, thus changing tire/wheel clearance. Please correct me if I'm wrong, as I am new to bimmers. Thanks.