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Originally Posted by skim View Post
I did a search but couldn't find the answer.
I tried programming my community gate opener to the garage opener, but I just could not get it to register. Does our garage opener in the mirror only works for garage doors?
My community gate opener is the little 1 button square thing on the keychain. I hate having to always pull it out of my pocket when I have CA so keys stay in my pocket most of time...
i was just researching this a few days ago, because i park in a community garage as well. the answer is: possibly. for my situation, it cannot be done. my garage uses a DKS microplus transmitter which has a rolling code that cannot be copied. The microplus transmitter is directly linked to the receiver, and there is no way to replicate it. You'll need to look up the literature on your actual transmitter in order to know whether it is possible. Homelink is pretty capable, but you're SOL if you have a system like mine.