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Originally Posted by Hellride View Post
TR M1's + R1's came in - I've attached some pics and info, considering there seems to be some interest.

Front: 265/35, 18x9 +35
Rear: 275/35, 18x10 +25

I would have liked to go 285/35 rear to keep the width ratio the same, but the 285s only came in 30 and that brings the rear wheel height shorter than the front. With this set up, I lose less than 2% wheel height front, and almost 3% rear - thus the fr/bk ratio is tighter. Front is now a little more than 1% smaller than the rear. Stock, front is little more than 2% smaller.

I am not running any spacers front or back and as BMW Mexico states with his set up - the front barely clears the strut. I measured about a 1/4". Not sure if this is too tight, but it does clear through opposite locks (pic attached). Rears fit with no problem. I do lose track in the front - 12mm from stock, only 4mm back - so 9mm difference fr/bk versus stock of only 1mm+ rear. Not sure if that will cause understeer considering the widths and the nearly square set up. We'll see.

I don't have the weights of the tires, but there are obvious benefits with this set up from the wheels alone. I'm heading to the track this weekend. I'll provide an update afterwards.
Great setup. It seems you will be fine without spacers. Let us know about how the car feels on the track.

These wheels + tires are noticeably lighter than stock. I could feel it when changing them.

I'd alos be interested in wear front vs. rear which is the main reason I went square.
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