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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Seems to be a case of a Achilles Heel to Audi's RS4 direct injection. Much, much more evidence would be required to call this an Achilles Heel in general.
If you read the thread (all 11 pages) the Audi techs report that it is happening in a variety of their engines, not just the RS4. So it would be fair to refer to this as an Audi problem, not just an RS4 problem.

Is the issue specific to Audi? (E.g. a defect withtheir oil pump design)? Or is it an artifact of direct injection itself (e.g. the intake valves not being cooled / cleaned by the incoming fuel charge)? Pretty important quesiton, and I think I would be inclined to hold off on getting a direct injeciton engine till this is sorted out.

I am reminded of defective seals in the original RX-7 rotary engines and defective seals in early turbocharged enngines. Not good.
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