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I've had my PS2s on the track 5 times and probably have another 2 track days left on the fronts. I am not sure what wheels I am going to get. I'm not all that crazy about the TR Motorsports because the 10" are a little wide for the front and the 9.5s require spacers in front. TC Kline does have 4 of the 9.5 et 35 which will work if you put spacers on them. I am just not certain it is the wheel I want. I am consider the Volk T37 in 18x9.5 all around with perhaps a spacer on the rear. Not all that anxious to have any lingering thoughts of wheel stability at 140+mph. I'm not in a huge hurry as the PS2s are fine and work great in the rain. Luckily, I have avoided rain so far.
2015 f80 M3, 2016 GT3