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Actually I really haven't found any other cars with the color combination and DCT at a better price. And my price is actually a little shy of 55k. 55K includes shipping.

And, really the most important to me is that the car is really a new car- It hasn't even had the break-in service yet, and only 4 mos since new. So really, any new '08's out there for under 55K? I haven't seen any.

And yes, you always want what you don't have- including the M3! My sorry tale to cut it short: Buy SUV in dead of winter, sell PY '03 sitting in the garage, sun comes out no sports car!???- sell the SUV, and go on the hunt for an M3.

So really the M3 is what I want, considering my situation a month ago, driving around an SUV (I nice AMG ML, but still an SUV), I'm thinking that Nav or no Nav I really can't go wrong!!! Should I wait for something to come up exactly like I want- I think I'll wait a long time, and there will always be something not quite right, like the mileage, or condition, or who knows what. The only way to get it perfect is to order it and spend another $12,000- and I guess I'll put a sticky note there on the dash with that number each time I think I want the factory Nav!