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Well, the only thing I won't have with this car is the M button and Nav. It has EDC and Ipod interface, along with Sat Radio. I know what you are saying about resale, but.... just recently sold my old '03 M3 with Nav- Nav was worth about..... nothing. Same with SMG- both were originally expensive options, but the market makes the SMG and Nav equiped models worth about the same as others without. I suspect in five years it will be the same. You could argue that this market adjustment has already happened since I don't see any premium paid for DCT models- mine is priced the same as standard cars without DCT.

I also just looked at the available Garmin Nuvi's, they are very inexpensive ($220 at Costco for 265 wt with live traffic for life) and are very easy to use.

I guess having said all of this, I have made up my mind that I won't miss it. If it was mine to order, I would get it, but I'm getting a great discount off of what is essentially a new car- just one option off of what I would get!!!