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M3 Transport: Intercity Lines Review


Well I know that Intercity Lines is not a vendor on this forum, but I didn't really know where else to post this mini-review of their services (maybe a mod can move it to the right spot?). I only found one thread related to vehicle transport in the OT discussion forum, so I thought I'd post a small review of my experience for somebody else needing to transport their M3. Essentially, I'm just going to recommend that if you have to ship your M3, that you do it through Intercity Lines. This is my fourth time shipping a vehicle from West to East Coast, and they are hands down the BEST.

I'd previously used Dependable Auto Shippers twice and American Auto Transporters once. Both companies charged $1200 from CA to NY, and my car took an average of 15 days from load to unload. Neither company used an enclosed truck, but I didn't care because I was moving a Jeep, not a nice car like the M3. So this time when I was forced to ship my car again I decided to go with Intercity Lines. They came highly recommended, and they truly lived up to their reputation. Although I paid $374 dollars more (total cost was $1574), they use enclosed transports, their trucks are outfitted with GPS trackers, and it only took 7 days to get my car from CA to Washington D.C. Their staff is incredibly professional, and they take every effort to protect and safeguard your car. When my car was picked up, there was already an F430 and an E46 M3 on board. At delivery, there was a cherry 1970 Cadillac El Dorado that had just gone through a complete restore. It was very comforting right off the bat to know that my M3 was going to be riding with nice cars like that, instead of a bunch of Geo Metros. While my car was on its way across the country, I got daily calls from the driver (Jerry), letting me know where he was and that he was still on schedule. The morning of delivery he called me to let me know he was on the final leg of his trip, and then called me when he was 15 minutes out so that I could meet him at the elementary school down the street to unload the car (the truck is HUGE and it needs a lot of space to park). After he unloaded my car, we both did a full inspection and checked it against the initial inspection he had done in CA to make sure that everything was in order. He really paid attention to every detail.

Anyway, the moral of the story is that if you need to transport your M3, call Intercity Lines. You WILL NOT be disappointed. They might be a bit more expensive, but the extra $$$ is definitely worth the competence, security, and quick delivery that you get with these guys.

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