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Originally Posted by skoot3r View Post
sounds great

But speeding in the rain isn't very smart IMO.
Thanks! I will take your opinion under advisement and immediately forget it as I am not very smart. Beside the point, I said I was going the speed limit, remember

Originally Posted by DonM3 View Post
Is this the back box only or did you get connecting pipes too?
I have the connecting pipes as well.

Originally Posted by Doru in Romania View Post
...also feel a vibration in all car that goes to the steering wheel as well. maybe something not tighen properly when installing? or those bad welds i have make the damn thing to vibrate? i thought that all do this.
You definitely feel more from the engine with this exhaust, including some vibration in the floor. I don't recall anything from the wheel, but overall, the car comes out of it's slumber in many ways (I use slumber loosely b/c the car isn't lethargic at all before, but this exhaust changes the overall tone completely )

Originally Posted by Jesal@Project 808 View Post
I still cant decide if i want sport or race. Race just gives me chills listening to it in your vids!

But im sure Sport would be better suited for me as a daily driver.
My car is a daily driver on the freeway. Coincidently, 75-80mph - my cruising speed - is right between 2-3k rpm which is where the drone under load is the worst (in my opinion). I haven't ridden in a Sport equipped M3, but it I'm thinking it might be a better daily driver choice if it's tamer than the Race. That being said... why spend $3k if you don't want to raise some hell???

Originally Posted by doba_s View Post
Sounds good man ! Give it some time and it will quite down a bit ...

This is the way M3 should come from the factory !
How long did it take yours take to quiet down?

Lastly, yes the exhaust drones, but I knew to expect that going in. I've never had an aftermarket exhaust before and I probably just need to get use to it. Overall, it's a completely different car that turns girls heads (finally!! j/k). In the day I've had it, I'v already had at least 5 random people tell me it sounds awesome and ask me what it is. Again, my only potential concern might be my daily commute which many of you may not have to contend with... BUT it's only been a day... just one day... haha