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Even Senna confessed he occasionally went too far, as was the case in qualifying for the 1988 Monaco Grand Prix, where he became a passenger on a surreal ride into the unknown. Already on pole, he went faster and faster and was eventually over two seconds quicker than Prost in an identical McLaren. "Suddenly, it frightened me," Ayrton said, "because I realised I was well beyond my conscious understanding. I drove back slowly to the pits and did not go out anymore that day."

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I am hesitant to post this especially on the anniversary but my father insists I uphold Prost's honor. He responds to your story like the engineer he is, Prost had a better winning percentage, he earned more avg points per race, he won more world championships, and he did not collide with other drivers half as often as Senna. During the two years they were teammates, Prost scored more points. If you want an exciting driver who will give you exhilarating qualifying laps, go with Senna. If you want to win points and races, it is Prost.

The numbers don't lie. Nuf' said.