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Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
Depends here. Older rolex watchs had fewer revolutions so less need for special oils and less need for maintenenance

The new watches like my sub are 28 800 revs so they need special oil and need more maintenance more often

Totally depends on the movement
There's a lot of misinformation on this thread. To address the above, watches beating at 8 Hz which is 28,800 cycles/hour have been around for 30-40 years and the modern lubricants last a very long time. Also, most pass produced modern mechanical watches beat at this rate. Also, most of these watches have recommended maintenance intervals for 3-5 years but most people don't service theirs until they notice a problem like poor timekeeping.

For the gentleman whose Rolex seized, this is very rare and likely due to going 14 years without a service. Rolex movements are amongst the most reliable and accurate movements on the market, They are designed with tough components and loose tolerances to last for a long time. The escapement (the regulating part of the watch) is state of the art and uses only the best components and design.

By the way I've never owned a Rolex and probably won't as they are not my style but I do have great respect for what they do and in particular their bulletproof movements. Ask 100 watchmakers their thoughts and 90 will tell you the same.

Thanks, Mike.