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Originally Posted by AMJ_77 View Post
Thanks for all the help Glenn! Never pulled the trigger due to the fact I need the car right now, oh well. JLevi offers it for 795 at no cost for shipping (they send you the shipping label) so I will go with them if Dinan's ECU flash is no good.

P.S. I bought the dinan exhaust today and it will go on with my Diff on May 15th. Still debating about the x-pipe with HFC. Seems like that adds pretty decent gains but I am just worried about the noise, need to here yours Glenn!

After all of this I am probably doing the stereo too! Scotty's car sounded amazing, exactly how I like it. Man this car is eating money. I am doing this instead of the brakes like you maniacs! I think this thread has been detrimental to my wallet since I started talking with you guys!
Originally Posted by sparkyg View Post
I am putting the brakes on spending.

I just ordered the 365mm/345mm Brembos in bad *ss black. Slotted for racing

I am done/out/full/ I hope

Stereo is a whole new world, must resist....

I think the exhaust will look great, especially on a white car. Gonna be awesome
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Just wondering when you'll have the Eisenmann Race installed. I'd love to get a chance to hear it in person sometime. I was going to wait till the Rogue Engineering Diablo Race comes available but I'm getting a bit impatient. haha
Picking up the car next Friday, dropped off the cheque yesterday. It should make it in for installs on May 11, which means I should be ready to roll it out for the long weekend. Open to a small meet if it works with the other lads.