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Originally Posted by SoreHead View Post
M5 starts at 106k so that's out.
M6 starts at 121k.
CTS-V wouldn't beat it because you'd crash as your eyes would be closed so you don't have to look at the car.
Modded 335??? With 5k of mods you're not going to beating it for long before you hear a big bang. You can't skimp on a turbo mod if you want your car to last (and yeas I've been there).
Carrera S starts at 107k (Carrera is 94k but that won't do it)
Corvette: I'm sure they're all faster but imagine going faster then looking down at that dash! Then you remember that once you win the race you still have to look at it. Oooooh.

I'm only in Canada 8 weeks now so I have no clue of any other car prices. But as far as I can tell they're all free compared to Ireland.
M5 starts around 80K in the US.

Either way nobody really cares about who can beat who in a straight line. We could have all just bought some EVO's, did some work and tadaa.

It's like saying I wouldn't take an F430 because it's straight line performance isn't up to par with a hundred other cars priced below it.

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