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Tyres wear - track

Last weekend was sunny, and i finally decided to go to the Nordschleiffe .... birthplace of the M3.

I will not make a summary of this visit to nurburgring .... it was a wonderful day !

But, i have some concerns about the tyre wear. I did only 3 laps, 63 km, and i have detected strange wear of the tyres, on its side .

Is is serious doctor ?

I don't really care for those tyres, as i need to change them soon, but i will go back there, and don't want to have this on new tyres.

Do you know why the tyres wear on its side ? too much / too low pressure ? driving technics ? Is it normal ?

I had checked the pressure on cold tyres in the morning, and use the recommended pressure of BMW F 2.3 / R 2.5 bar, not checked between laps, but i wait some times betwen them.

Thanks for your input.
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