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Originally Posted by mylydiamy View Post

Although I recently become a member, I have been following this forum for more a year. I have to admit that there are tons of good people who go to distance to help strangers that they haven't met before. They give honest answers, advices and spend time to take pictures and so on... I learned a lot from those people and able to do some mods on my own.

I sincerely thank those I mentioned above.

But I also noticed a few things that turned me off

1 - Some members become sarcastic when a novice member asks a simple question such as "Omg, low oil level indicator warning is on, what am i going to do?". Then some members response like "you need a new engine". This is totally unnecessary. Just because you have more knowledge about car does mean that you should put down those who don't.

2 - I am not sure whether it is intentional or not but some members give answers without knowing what they are talking about. This may cause problems to those who will act on the responses that get (not only the one who asked the question but many other who read them).

As I said most member are really decent people and I really appreciate their input. I just hope that those who qualify above 2 items would stop what they are doing.

I'm going to say my $0.02 here.

First of all, I think you're losing sight of what this site is. Bimmerpost is a community of like minded enthusiasts first and foremost.

It is a living and breathing and diverse community filled with members from all walks of life. Every member brings something to this community, good and bad. Of course the merits of everyone's contribution is debatable as a result thereof but its what gives life to this place. And of course there are limits hence the need for admins' (and their deputies) intervention at times.

I hope you can understand that.

Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
... Feel free to start a new thread on an issue if you can't find it using the search function. If you're too incompetent to make your own decisions, and turn to members every two days with a new thread asking "Hai guys shud I do dis or dis?" then be prepared as well.

I agree with you on the point of people giving advice matter-of-factly when their answer is actually wrong. This undermines the integrity and purpose of the forum as a database accessed by the search function.

Biggest rule of thumb around here is to search before starting threads. If you're too lazy to search, but have the time to start your own thread, you deserve what is coming to you.

Don't take anything personally. If you are one that is really sensitive to immaturity or asinine comments, which you will find plenty of in any online environment, then you should probably not post. It's sad that things are this way, and in a perfect world, I guess everyone would get along, but that's simply not the truth. You just have to be the bigger man and accept that's the way it is.

Just my $.02
What he said ...

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