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Originally Posted by tszene View Post
if you plan on tracking the car and want to buy rims for the purpose instead of just for show, get square setup. It will eliminate the understeer that the car has and give you a lot more "bite" turning in.
however that's just my .02

I have not tracked my car yet, but tend to agree with the above. TMS has a deal on rim and tire set up which appears to be pretty good. ForgeLine 18x10 with 4 BFG R1 275/35/18, mounted and bal. I don't know if they are heat cycled or not, but worth looking into. There are benefits to having the square set up, but Lucids set up appears to be good also.

Ref temp - does not appear to be abnormal, but I would continue to monitor it. BMWs do not like to get hot.

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