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Originally Posted by GregW / Oregon View Post
You want to go through a tire dealer, not car dealer. Email Brad Barrett ( at Maxxis International USA and ask who dealers in your area are.
Sorry, that wasn't clear in my post--I tried the tire dealers on the Maxxis website in my area; they are the ones that said they could not get the tire. I also tried Discount Tire Online, which sells some Maxxis tires, but they said that they do not stock the compact spares.

Ultimately, I did e-mail Brad, who indicated that the easiest way to source the tire is to go through a car dealer (he said any GM dealer would be able to do it). Separately, I'd contacted Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, VA, who apparently had also contacted Brad; they were able to order the tire for me from Maxxis. It should be here in 3-5 days, with a total cost of less than $100.

To sum up, you should be able to get any GM dealer to order the Maxxis tire for you, but if you are having trouble try Lindsay Cadillac.