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Originally Posted by Epacy2 View Post
Umm, no. They are remotes, which by nature means you can use them remotely, i.e not inside the car.

You received two remotes when you bought your M3. Did you think then you would have to use both remotes at the same time to unlock your doors?

Sorry for the sarcasm, I just figured the picture was pretty self-explanatory.

Remotes are redundant and take the place of having a switch located somewhere inside the car and having to use a vacuum pump and run lines for it. The valves may be opened and closed while away from the car.
Wasn't sure how the remotes worked. If you needed one for each muffler or they both operated off the same one. Obviously you can use it from outside the car (not sure why you would but whatever).

Was just asking for more clarification as I've never seen this exhaust in person.