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Originally Posted by MAZNG View Post
Sweet... I've been looking fwd to seeing an RD (RS46) up close and personal as I've been following that project for a bit and may be interested
I deceided to go with the Ericsson kit, instead of the RdSport one. It will get installed next week (Front,sides,rear) and I got to find a good exhaust shop to install the Ericsson exhaust, although it has the RdSport one for now. Im also waiting for a set of Dymags and 360's, both which will arrive in 3 weeks.Then, Im still waiting for RdSport to finalize the tunning, but the car is already putting down 421HP/332TQ at the wheels on 91 gas, here is a link: I also need to find a good dyno shop in Broward, Dade or WPB, to dyno the car with 93 and 100 gas, if you guys can help me find one, I would really appreciate it. I just put this info here just so you guys know my car is not technically done, but it will be in the next couple of weeks. Im just happy to be getting my car back...

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