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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post
You have a lot of faith to just wire the money...either way, the exhaust is sick! I just hate the Ti tips. If it had chrome or brushed tips, it would be right up my alley. I know that sounds stupid (as I'm sure tons of you love it as is), but the Ti tips just don't match with all the silver/chrome on JB.
It did a feel like a leap of faith. My bank even called back an hour later asking if I was sure I wanted to do this! Everything Ralf told me checked out (he is an airline pilot for a major airline in Europe) and the fact the he delivered an intake to Pencilgeek made me comfortable enough.

Originally Posted by hawkeye-se View Post
Is there an option to buy just the axle-back portion?
Yes, it cost about $3300. I would really recommend spending an extra $2000 for the header back system though. The performance gains are just not there with the slip-on axle back system.

Originally Posted by KINGLEH View Post
this exhaust even tho is insane price.. i think its a fair price for the system... its worth it.. i just wish i had the money....

its actually tempting somehow.... insane..
I would of never thought I would spend this much money on exhaust, but I did. The AA header back system w/ high flow cat is about the same price, but you don't get the weight savings.

Originally Posted by Akara1 View Post
BTW, I know it's not a common name, and many do wonder how it is pronounced. It is "Ack-rap'-o-vich".
I tried pronouncing it like that, but a few sport bike friends of mine say it like I did in the video so i just went with the majority.

Originally Posted by endofanera7 View Post
Am I reading that right? 50 lbs lighter than stock?
You are reading it correctly.