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BBQ Meet ! May 3rd or 10th? Let's hear it from you guys !!!

ALKI @ MAY 10TH, TIME 12:00 @ NOON

Meet will be held at the same location we met last august. Do you guys know where we met last time? i know how to get there but i don't know what that little place is called. it's not by the beach; it's by railroad... i don't know how to explain, maybe someone can chim in... I'll try to find the map info soon....

Time has set for 12 but I am still taking opinion for exact meet time.


Alright, so what do we need to feed, lets say around 20 people... Both E90post and M3post... Did someone post this for 135i guys? or 535i guys? i don't know if we should make it big by posting all over bimmer forums, like e46fanatics and whatnot... But here are things we needed to start with...

drinks (preferred in icebox)
snacks (chips, jerky, etc)
disposable cups, plates
disposable napkins
disposable knifes and forks
Sausage (preferred both Würst regular...) or hamburger patty
Buns (hot dog buns and/or hamburger buns)
Condiment (Lettuce, Onion, pickles, relish...)
ketchup and mustard, BBQ sauce etc...
Grills (at least 2 or more from previous experiences)
garbage bag for clean up after...

whatelse do we need?

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