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sorry to hear.. once you got a ticket, nothing much you can do unless you press your luck by either pleading not guilty and hope the cop won't show or plead guilty with lesser fine.
i got pulled over for speeding as well and my court date is 5/11. there were some cars that passed me on the freeway, so i thought there was no cop and what do i see like 20 seconds later?
chp gave me a speeding ticket 80 on 65 zone + no front license plate.
clearing no front license plate was a pain cuz i didn't want to drill holes on my bumper but i could not just "stick" on the plate for signing off purpose either. anyways, long story short, i got the license plate signed off, but i'm just crossing my fingers that the cop won't show. if he does, i'll just ask for a lesser fine at that point.

oh and even if the judge allows you to go to traffic school, don't bother. my friend went to the traffic school and cleared the DMV point, but yup his insurance rate went up. so he pretty much wasted $70 for traffic school and 1 saturday lol
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