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Originally Posted by joonsup View Post
i dont think any of the store brand diet supplements are effective as far as burning fat...especially after they banned ephedra. I used to take the original hydroxycut when i worked out a lot in college and it worked really well. However once they banned ephedra, most of the products out there really stood out from one another.

Hydroxycut hardcore does work as far as curbing appetite. I dunno about burning fat though. Sometimes I got the jitters and other times I didn't. I would try it out and if you start getting jittery you should cut back on the dose. And make sure you follow the instructions on how to take it. I think it even says on the front to follow the recommended dosages.

Compared to the Lipo 6 with the "new" fat burning technology, hydroxycut hardcore gave a better result, but nothing compared to products that contained ephedra back when it wasn't a banned substance.

If you don't work out and think you'll lose weight taking any supplement, it's not going to work. But like you said, you could try it out on top of your exercise regiment and proper diet to give you a little help. Good thing about GNC is that you can return the product if you aren't satisfied as long as you keep the receipt. At least that's how it was. I haven't taken any of those supplements for a while now. I've just been trying to eat healthy, lift weights 4x a week and do cardio 2x a week along with a protein supplement.

Cardio is a bitch to do, but I think that's key if you are trying to lose weight. I give no props to fat ass people who rep over 300lbs on the bench and think they are the shit unless they are football players. In my opinion I think cardio is the key to loseing weight and lifting weights will help the process. But then again I'm no personal trainer so I could be doing it all wrong. haha
thanks. i bought some hydroxycut original and so far so good. i only took 1 pill just so i can adjust myself to it. there's a definite energy boost and i do want to go work out that much more. i'm going to keep taking 1 pill 2-3 times a day and do at least 1 hour of cardio a day for a couple weeks then add weight training, along with the chicken and rice/veggies diet.